Red Carpet Event at Arena Cinema Hollywood! Nov. 1st

Be there for free Aviation Cocktails, photo ops and special guests!

Showcasing the Best in Independent Film, Arena screens hard-to-find indie gems you search for and yearn to see that aren’t getting the big screen love anywhere else but with them! Arena Cinema was formally a part of the historic Egyptian theater, and in the 1970s and 80s was known to Los Angeles moviegoers as Egyptian 2 and 3, an extension of the main theatre. In the early 90′s, when United Artists gave up on the Egyptian complex, 2 and 3 became a theater while the Egyptian would endure a renovation led by the American Cinemateque. Voltaire Media led by Christian Meoli has reopened the cinema in true DIY fashion keeping in the spirit of independent films that the Arena will exhibit. Arena Cinema has new seating, new sound, HD projection plus streaming ability on a 20 foot widescreen that caters to multiple aspect ratios, all while being able to maintain the venues original aesthetic design that United Artists set-up back in the early ’70′s.

Red Carpet Party at The Friend Opera House! Nov. 15th

The Warren Opera House, a grand old lady in her day, was the premier place for social gatherings. It faithfully served Friend and surrounding communities for thirty-four years, providing a venue for plays, dances, lectures, political events, sporting events and even a circus! No remaining comparable structure exists within a fifty mile range of the town of Friend. Built circa 1886 by Mr. John Lanahan, the opera house was funded by its namesake Mr. Joshua Warren. Warren fronted the $40,000 needed to build the second story opera house. The earliest documented event took place in March of that year when actors took the stage to perform “Over the Hill to the Poor House”. Today, the original horseshoe balcony that was once preferred seating, sits ready for restoration and a sold out crowd once again. Please join us for this special event, November 15th at 6pm!

UNL Lincoln Screening! Nov. 14th

It is an honor and a pleasure to be screening at the The Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, a comprehensive exhibition program which acknowledges the moving image as the principal art form of this century, is committed to screening a wide diversity of high quality film and video: innovative American independent work including non-narrative, experimental films and video; classic foreign and American cinema illustrative of traditional and historical perspectives; documentaries which examine a wide variety of issues of concern; and contemporary foreign cinema of substance. It also reaches out to the Lincoln community and beyond, offering Nebraskans a stimulating alternative to commercial film and television fare by presenting works not ordinarily offered in this area. Hope to see you November 14th at 7pm!

CU Boulder Screening! Nov. 1st

Founded in 1972, the Film Studies Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder is known for its commitment to interdisciplinary teaching with a special emphasis on the study of film and the visual arts. Film Studies explores narrative, documentary, avant-garde cinema and fine arts animation. The program has a distinguished faculty with national as well as international reputations. The late Stan Brakhage taught here for over twenty years and his legacy remains central to the vision of Film Studies. We look forward to the screening at Atlas 102, 7pm on 11/1/13 are excited for students questions!

Summer Tour Kick-Off, Sunroom FF! Aug. 2-3

The Sunroom Film Festival is in it’s 3rd year now. It started off with a couple of independent filmmakers who happened to come across some really awesome films made by some pretty amazing people. Now, a few years later, Sunroom has come across even more great filmmakers who are making some serious, award winning work. We are talking really good feature length films that everyone should have a chance to see – and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t mind watching a few more times ourselves. Sunroom #3 and South Westminster Arts Group (aka. SWAG) partnered with a little theater (that used to be a gas station, now 73rd Ave. Theatre in Westminster, CO) and they were kind enough to let them use it for the festival. That’s the story of Sunroom #3! The Aviation Cocktail will continue to roll out Summer dates at breweries, distilleries and then it’s on the road to Nebraska. Stay tuned…

Theatrical Release, Sie FilmCenter Denver! April 26 – May 2

We are SO excited to finally release the film theatrically! The film has only been screened in Denver a few times but will open for a full week run at the Sie Film Center on April 26th. Tickets can be purchased on the FilmCenter’s website. The Sie FilmCenter also features numerous series and symposia—including DocNight, Keith Garcia’s The Watching Hour, Women + Film, Tattered Cover Free Classic (hosted by Colorado Public Radio film critic Howie Movshovitz), and the GLBT-themed Cinema Q—as well as regularly scheduled filmmaker Q&As and receptions. Higgins and select cast will be present after the 7:15pm show on Saturday, April 27th!

Omaha Film Festival! March 9th

The Omaha Film Festival celebrates the artistic, educational, and historical importance of motion pictures. It gives independent film artists a platform for sharing their work and creating a dialogue with the community. It introduces audiences to innovative new films and past masterworks of cinema. It promotes the discussion and study of filmmaking. It seeks to foster and present stories that stand out, that are told in the most creative ways; stories that are daring, courageous, risk-taking, and filled with discovery and wonder. Voted by MovieMaker magazine as one of the “Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” the Omaha Film Festival exists to celebrate the artistic, educational, and historical importance of motion pictures. Over the last 8 years, the OFF has made great strides towards becoming one of the most accomplished teaching festivals in the Central United States, we can’t wait!

Trail Dance FF OK Premier! January 25th & 26th

The Trail Dance Film Festival introduces up-and-coming filmmakers from around the globe to Oklahoma’s emergent film industry, and provides a welcoming forum to showcase films… all amidst a beautiful Western landscape. The mission of the Trail Dance Film Festival is to encourage originality and creativity, and to promote the film industry in Oklahoma. Trail Dance provides an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work to local and visiting audiences. MovieMaker Magazine named Trail Dance twice in their top 25 list – once as “Worth the Entry Fee” (For Filmmakers) and again as one of the “Coolest” Film Festivals. The Festival concludes with a grand awards gala where the GOLDEN DROVER AWARD is presented to worthy filmmakers, and one lucky student is awarded a scholarship to pursue a career in filmmaking. We can’t wait to visit Duncan, OK!

Nebraska Premier in Valentine at the Jewell II! February 8th

The Pilot’s Lounge in association with the City of Valentine is pleased to bring The Aviation Cocktail to Valentine on February 8th at the Jewell II movie theatre! The film will play until February 14th so if you can’t make the premier, there will be many opportunities to see the film that highlights the beauty of the Nebraska Sandhills. The film friendly community of Valentine was instrumental in producing the film, so much so that director David Higgins had this to say, “Making a film is like raising a child. You have to nurture it with patience, love and dedication and then release it into the wild. I’m extremely happy to premier the film in Valentine because without their trust in The Aviation Cocktail, it would still be an unfulfilled dream.” See you in the Sandhills!

Limited FoCo Screening/Beer Release! November 21st

We are pleased to team up with the Lyric Cinema Cafe and Black Bottle Brewery for a limited engagement in Ft. Collins, CO. As many of you know, we sold out all 3 screenings at the Starz Denver IFF. We would like to give all our friends who didn’t get a chance to see it on the big screen another opportunity. And tasting a delicious Aviation Cocktail beer ain’t too bad either! A little about the Lyric: If you are expecting a multiplex with a 30 foot screen, stadium seating and DTS surround sound, you will be disappointed. What we offer is the chance to see a new smaller movie (that will never come to the bigger theaters), sit on a couch, drink a glass of wine or beer, enjoy some good finger foods and relax. We think of The Lyric as our living room, where we watch good movies and invite the rest of Fort Collins to join us, and hopefully you will eventually trust our taste in movies and come no matter what’s playing. And BBB: Our mission at Black Bottle Brewery is to create world-class and unique handcrafted ales and lagers. Going against the grain of the traditional craft brewing industry, BBB prides itself on the use of radical ingredients, brewing styles, and techniques. Come join the fun!