Red Carpet Party at The Friend Opera House! Nov. 15th

The Warren Opera House, a grand old lady in her day, was the premier place for social gatherings. It faithfully served Friend and surrounding communities for thirty-four years, providing a venue for plays, dances, lectures, political events, sporting events and even a circus! No remaining comparable structure exists within a fifty mile range of the town of Friend. Built circa 1886 by Mr. John Lanahan, the opera house was funded by its namesake Mr. Joshua Warren. Warren fronted the $40,000 needed to build the second story opera house. The earliest documented event took place in March of that year when actors took the stage to perform “Over the Hill to the Poor House”. Today, the original horseshoe balcony that was once preferred seating, sits ready for restoration and a sold out crowd once again. Please join us for this special event, November 15th at 6pm!

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