The year is 1958.

RING. RING. Jack Fisher, a family man and owner/operator of Fisher Air Service has no idea what this phone call has in store. “Hello?” On the other end of the line is his older brother and town sheriff, Henry Fisher. The serial murderer he’s been tracking is cornered in a barn on the outskirts of town. He’s requested an airplane and Henry has to oblige because he’s holding a young girl hostage.

Jack arrives on scene to find a posse led by his old friend Bob Halloran. Upon learning that the girl is dead, a shootout takes place injuring the killer who is airlifted back to town. In the airplane the men decide to enact vigilante justice. They kill the murderer. This decision propels the men into a guilt fed downward spiral.

Enter Dale Riley, the brother of the girl that was murdered. He’s going a little crazy and Henry suspects him of foul play. It all comes to a boiling point when Henry learns his wife has been having an affair with someone close to him. Adultery leads to jealousy which leads back to murder. Dark secrets will be revealed, passion will come into play and there will be blood.